When people eat together - they talk

Imagine groups of your staff, sat together, chatting and laughing, sharing stories and issues about work and about themselves. This can happen every day, simply by people eating together.

Improved staff engagement

People eating together talk with one another; a simple fact of human behaviour. They will either talk about work, or themselves. When people are talking about work, they are actually being productive. If talking about themselves, they are communicating and sharing. When people know things about each other, they do things for each other. This simple process translates directly into improved staff engagement for your organisation.

People at canteen

Tablemates makes it happen

This communicating and sharing is enabled by a daily “popup” hot lunch service for your organisation. It's like having your own hot food canteen. We come to you every day and provide a full, hot lunch service served by a professional chef. Staff order from a preselected menu via an app on their phone or PC. Tablemates has an immediate impact on the energy levels and team feeling within your organisation.

Build your company culture

A great business culture can provide a place of stability leading to longer employment periods and a decrease in staff turnover. That in turn leads to more time for management to concentrate on the growth of the business. Any activity a business can take to improve its culture is a good thing. The tablemates service provides the environment to enable this culture.