We know lunch can be a chore

For many people lunch can be a headache. Either a £3 supermarket meal deal or a rather basic lunch bar/van on an industrial estate. Or, make your own. The chore of preparing lunch each day becomes a pain and a bore for many people – quickly running out of ideas. By providing this onsite option, staff love the fact that they didn’t have to think about “what to do/have for lunch today”. What would you rather - a sandwich or a hot, fresh Lasagne and Salad?

Definitely NOT a meal deal

How does Chicken & Roasted Red Pepper Rigatoni sound? Or Mediterranean Vegetable Stack with Pesto drizzle and Focaccia? These are not your usual lunches. We provide high-end, super tasty food that you will look forward to all morning.

Our menu always changes

We change our menu every week and provide a broad range of meals. Whether you like more modern or exotic foods or more traditional or superfood salads, we have something there for you every week. You can see a typical week's menu by clicking on the button below.

Sample Menu

Fully recyclable

All meals are served on a fully compostable biodegradable plate which, with any food waste, is recycled into agricultural fertiliser and gas used for energy to drive the fertiliser converter.